Expect The Unexpected

Real Estate

Why do I mention this? Well, let's just say this past Sunday could have gone a bit better.

I awoke Sunday morning with a ray of hope, the marathon I was attending that morning, would be fabulous! Considering the scenic route everyone would take and the weather....man it was going to be awesome...or dope, as they say! This feeling lasted just about long enough for me to realize I wasn't getting any hot water to take my shower! Egads!

I don't know why, but I thought running the sink tap would prove me wrong. "No hot water there either.....bright eyes!" Of course not! It wasn't like the sink was in Madagascar!

Needless to say, I soon realized, the hot water heater was on the fritz, water everywhere, things needing to be moved and me, not going anywhere!

So, why bore you with the sad details of my inconvenient morning? I do this to illustrate a point! Always expect the unexpected and the cost associated with it. Keep a rainy day fund ready for those rainy days.

When you own that home of your dreams, remember it comes with a few things that aren't so dreamy when they break.

On the bright side, I did find a FABULOUS plumber recommended by a friend and he made all things better! Cheers!